Ten Essential Tips for A Perfect Day To Yourself
By Gillian Anderson

1. If you normally wake up late, then wake up early. If you wake up early, then treat yourself by waking up late. 

2. If you normally eat sugary things for breakfast then treat yourself with fresh fruit, whole grain cereals, and full fat yogurt with honey. If that’s your normal fare, then eat a bowl of frosted flakes. 

3. If you normally take a quick shower in the morning, then take a long bath at night. 

4. Pack a book and a paper and go for a walk, either in your own neighborhood or explore a new one. 

5. Stop in the shops and browse rather than speeding in to get a specific thing. 

6. Find a coffee shop you’ve never been into and make yourself at home. Read the paper, a magazine, or just relax and watch the other human beings coming and going. 

7. Find a green space and sit under a tree to read your book. Take a nap right where you are. 

8. Invite a friend over you have not seen in ages and go to the cinema to see a foreign film followed by dinner in restaurant you’ve never tried of an ethnicity you’ve never tried. Or… 

9. Invite them over for rented movies and either a take out or to co-cook a recipe you’ve never made before. 

10. If you normally go to bed late, go to bed early. If you go to bed early, then stay up till the sun shines!

- GA, Blag Magazine Vol.2 No.10, Aug 2008 (Image: YES shoot, source: gilliananderson.ws)

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