Anonymous said:

    If you're looking for a new show, you should without a doubt watch Orphan Black. It's spectacular. —that XF3 anon from a few weeks ago

    Yes! I actually started to watch it months ago, but only got to watch the first episode. It was really good, so thanks for reminding me! I will def make it a priority to finish it next. 

    dsuptstellagibson said:

    They (BBC) fucking knew how the clips of Stella in the trailer would affect the fandom and mostly kill us all a little.


    fuckers i say. no doubt they specifically edited the shower scene and her in that damn uniform before anything else to put it in that damn trailer. 

    Anonymous said:

    What ep is your avatar from?

    HI! my avatar is actually from the movie The Mighty Celt. If you haven’t seen it, you should, it’s really good! 

  1. Gillian Anderson as DSI Stella Gibson, The Fall S2

  2. [aggressively questions sexuality over stella gibson in that uniform]

La Tierra, Júpiter y Venus vistos desde Marte.

    La Tierra, Júpiter y Venus vistos desde Marte.

  4. andthentheyhadsex-twice:


    Mulder & Scully Art

    Picking up the pieces of this awesome job of aliens-scully

  5. gillian anderson


    reblog if u agree

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